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Cleaning Connect seems to us to be a scheme for auto-charging a small business' credit card as rapidly as possible, then declaring requests for redress "SOLVED" when the scammer,, decides.

Chatted online with their initial service rep, Tanya or Tasha I believe. Noted that they claimed to charge a one-time 35% fee with a 100% guarantee if the business was not booked and completed. This seemed a tad steep for a simple bird-dog lead (that is, simply connecting customer and provider) but the money-back guarantee gave us confidence to give it a try. We became free members and after a week submitted the following analysis and request for refund. (see

Their response to our ticket was to mark it SOLVED and to point us to a hitherto unaccessible page on their website saying that they charge much higher percentages than the 35% flat claimed by their chat person.

They claimed that the money back guarantee did not apply to bids: you (and all competitors also bidding) are paying for the privilege of receiving contact information. For this privilege you may well be charged as high as 350% of the potential (but not even remotely guaranteed) fee.

Cleaning Connect gives far too broad territories to viably bid: the territory that was the closest match for us stretched over an area requiring 2+ hours to drive across. This travel time is deadly in the low margin commercial cleaning business, and nearly as bad in the residential cleaning business.

Cleaning Connect will book you with clients even though you have not given them authority to do so, and in fact are not even available at the times they book you. This causes lost business, upset customers, tarnishing of goodwill. But dont worry-- you won't get your money back, because the 100% money back guarantee means that you are 100% guaranteed they won't admit error and will not give your money back. Ta-da!

They will also book you for appointments you can't afford to keep-- like the gem for $56 for a job that is an hour's drive away. Too bad for you.

They drained our credit card, charging us $1303.76 on a best-case scenario earning of $1925.60. 76% commission. Even worse, we actually collected less than $700 since several of the appointments were either cancelled, booked when we were already booked with other bookings (non-Cleaning Connect) and/or were simply bids which generated no business.

If someone were to call Cleaning Connect a calculated operation in fraud, theft, and falsehood I couldn't imagine what their defense would be.

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So sorry that you were harmed by these people, Janet. I just hope that others will read the various online warnings before signing up.

Janet de los Santos

You are right they robbed you as fast as they can before you are able to check your credit card statement.

They deceit you for not forwarding out front the receipt fee up until the amount of charges reached thousands.

100% guarantee if customer cancelled was the term that encouraged me to join. But it is 100% guarantee non-refundable.

I told them that their business dealing is as simple as selling rotten apples with no exchange no return policy. What kind of business is policy is this? I described as broken and sicken.

They even booked me to work three hours for $75.00 with a traveled time of 6 hours back and fore.

It was not only awful to me. It was horrible.

This group of people do not have conscience.

You and I are hard working people trying to earn for both end to meet. But high jacked and robbed. This is a robbing gang making front image that they are big company. I feel very very sad for all the victims .

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